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Note: Pictures and names of clients have been changed to maintain their privacy

Testimonials From Students

ACT Student
Girl in Classroom

"She is super nice and explains the topics simply with points for the future"

Jackie, Geometry Student
Happy Student

"My tutor is amazing. He is always willing to explain concepts in a different way if his original explanation doesn't match my learning style. More importantly, even when I don't understand concepts, he explains the concepts again and again very patiently without being condescending."

ACT STudent
Image by Dries Augustyns

"Mitva is beyond dedicated to helping me prepare for his

ACT! She is extremely knowledgeable in all subjects. "

Testimonials From Parents

Nick's Mom, St. Charles
Image by Tim Mossholder

"Mitva truly cares about my son's progress and is very accommodating with her schedule to always make it work with our schedule. Thank

you Mitva! "

Kira's Mom, 
Woman with White Jacket

"Thank you!! My daughter came home from tutoring session and yelled, "Mom, She's a total genius!!!". Brilliant and sweet, I love her! " She said Mitva wouldn't give the answers, but would make me work through the


Nicole's Mom, Schaumburg

"Mitva is very caring , understanding and accommodating of our needs. Her can-do attitude and passion has rubbed off on our daughter. My daughter was so impressed by her after the first session. We are glad to have found a tutor that challenges our daughter everyday and truly cares about her progress and education."

Hear From a
Satisfied Client

My name is Kim and I am a bartlett resident with 2 boys, ages 19 and 18 who were preparing to take the ACT.  Their scores were acceptable, however, I felt there was room for improvement.  A friend of mine highly recommended a tutor by the name of Mitva Patel.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Mitva for 3 years and she proved to be an excellent tutor for both my boys. 


I feel she is an expert in her field; a professional service provider to the community.  Mitva is an amazing person.  She accommodated her schedule according to my son’s schedule which had a positive effect on them mentally, academically, and well-being.  My boys describe her as very smart, fun, flexible and they felt comfortable working with her.


Both of my boys increased their overall ACT score by 4 points, with just 3 weeks of tutoring. That included 2-3 days a week per 2 hour sessions. Mitva is highly competent, well organized, outgoing and an excellent communicator.   With that said, both of my son’s received acceptance letters from each college they applied to after the tutoring. 


I highly recommend Mitva Patel of Learn to Learn tutoring services!

Thank you Mitva!

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