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ACT Prep Bootcamp




20 Hours

About the Course

Looking for a way to take your ACT test preparation to the next level? Our one-week, Intense and strategy-focused ACT boot camp course is designed for students who are ready to master the exam. This intensive course focuses on practicing ACT test questions of all subjects to the point that answering them becomes second nature. This boot camp will guide students through a series of timed practice tests and targeted exercises, providing personalized feedback and coaching along the way. By the end of the week, students will have developed the skills and habits they need to tackle any question with ease. While this course can be taken after our ACT test prep course, it's not a prerequisite. Any student who's ready to put in the work can benefit from this intensive boot camp experience.

Course Schedule

ACT Prep Bootcamp (18-24 Score Range)

ACT Prep Bootcamp (25-36 Score Range)

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