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Academic Subjects

With academic subjects package, a student can request tutoring for any subjects. Most of our tutors have experience and knowledge in multiple subjects, thus a tutoring session can entail working on multiple homework assignments, essays or exam preparations. For example, in a single tutoring session, a tutor can help a student finish a biology project, help with math homework, and plan a draft for an English essay. 

Every new student is first assessed for their current knowledge. A goal is then set for the student with mutual agreement from the student, the parents, and the tutor. The tutor then creates a detailed tutoring plan in accordance with the set goal. The tutors also designs regular assessments that allows the tutor and the parents to be ensured that the students is on the right path to be able to achieve the preset goal. For example, if the goal is for a student to improve Math grade from a D to a B, the tutor would first find out why the student is getting a D by assessing the student's weaknesses in the subject. The tutor would then device a study plan to gradually increase the student's average from a D to a B in math. 

Test Prep

One on one tutoring is one of the best ways to improve standardized tests scores in a short amount of time. Majority of students already have the necessary knowledge built in for these tests; most students merely need tips, tricks and PRACTICE to use this knowledge to successfully solve/answer standardized test questions. An experienced and skilled tutor can easily spot areas in standardized testing the student struggles with and equip the student with specific techniques to tackle the problem. Learn to Learn tutoring has been able to successfully and consistently improve Standardized test scores by focusing specifically on students' weaknesses and customizing tutoring lessons to meet students' unique needs. 

Each new student is first given a diagnostic test. Based on the results, the tutor determines the amount of hours required for the student to achieve the desired test scores. Learn to Learn has its own custom designed software program (GradeIT) that grades ACT and SAT tests and prepares a study plan customized specifically to address the student's gaps in knowledge.

College Applications

College and scholarship applications processes can be daunting, stressful, and time consuming. Learn to Learn tutoring will help make the college application process smooth and easy to navigate from beginning to end. Institutions want to get to know the actual student they will be accepting, not necessarily just a big list of activities the student has been a part of. The tutor will help create a narrative that represents the student's learning experiences, strengths, and future goals. To be more specific, the tutor will assist with planning personal statement and essays, preparing for interviews, finding scholarships that student would be a good candidate for, and comparing acceptance offers. 

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