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Mitva Patel
Owner of Learn to Learn Tutors

Welcome to Learn to Learn Tutors! With 9 years of experience in tutoring, I have successfully helped students with a wide range of subjects including math, science, reading, writing, AP courses, ACT prep, SAT prep, college entrance prep, Chicago private schools entrance exams, and much more.

During my journey as a tutor, I realized that there was a dire need for personalized tutoring services that focus on helping students become independent learners. When I tutored with a nationwide tutoring chain, I saw parents often overcharged while tutors were underpaid. Moreover, there were very few resources and no training provided to the tutors. This inspired me to create my own tutoring company while pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical engineering.


My philosophy is centered around teaching students not only how to tackle their current academic challenges but also equipping them with the skills to become independent learners.

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