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Proven Success: 90%
students meet preset goals

Every new student undergoes an assessment to determine their current needs. With mutual agreement from the student, parents, and tutor, a goal is then set for the student. The tutor creates a comprehensive tutoring plan that is tailored to the goal. Regular assessments are designed by the tutor to track the student's progress and to provide reassurance to both the tutor and the parents that the student is on the right path to achieving the goal.

Latest Technology for Great Efficiency

Our tutors use the latest technology to be able to achieve the greatest efficiency. We have our own custom-designed software program (GradeIT) that grades ACT and SAT tests and prepares study plans customized specifically to address the student's gaps in knowledge. All tutors are equipped with digital writing tablet pads that allow online tutoring to be as efficient as in-person tutoring. We use TutorPanel to book lessons, send reminders, receive payments, and maintain detailed notes of each tutoring session. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

As an engineer by profession, I recognize the importance of comprehending the customer's requirements thoroughly before initiating a problem-solving process. The ideal learning is different for each student. While our tutors are proficient in their knowledge and expertise, they possess distinct teaching techniques and styles. Connecting each student with the appropriate tutor is critical to our process. Prior to commencing tutoring, we provide each student with multiple tutor options to select from, and we allow them the flexibility to request a change in tutor at any time. 

College Entrance
Exam Prep

When it comes to preparing students for college entrance, we can take all the responsibility off of parents' hands: starting from ACT/SAT exam prep to writing essays, preparing college applications and scholarship applications, and comparing offer letters. Your tutor will do research specifically for the colleges the student is interested in and prepares a detailed plan to ensure the student meets all the deadlines and gets the necessary help to meet the requirements for the desired colleges. 

In The News
Colleges backing off from requiring ACT and SAT Scores

Many colleges are no longer requiring college entrance exam scores during the pandemic. This article describes how hard it will be to shake off standized tests completely.


July 12, 2020

Preparing for ACT/SAT Well Can Result in Lifetime Improvement

A well prepared ACT/SAT student benefits from the learning beyond being accepted into a university. This article elaborates how skills obtained from ACT/SAT prep are used on a daily basis by successful people.


June 26, 2020

Classmates in the Library

Hear What Our Parents Have to Say

"Mitva is very caring , understanding and accommodating of our needs. Her can-do attitude and passion has rubbed off on our daughter. My daughter was so impressed by her after the first session. We are glad to have found a tutor that challenges our daughter everyday and truly cares about her progress and education."

Nicole's Mom (ACT student that improved her score by 5 points)

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